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Propagating Lavender

Another PROPAGATION proves positive for additional plants 
for my low-impact garden.

My 'kids' gave me a lavender back in 2010 and it lives in the flower bed of my apartment flat. 
It thrives loves the sunshine creeping around the corner, and setting into the western sky.


Last Spring while I was starting seeds and having some success with rosemary propagating, what 
comes scrolling down my news feed from a Facebook page but an image of a lavender propagation. 

Right then my excitement swelled - I shared and announced in my post: I'm going to try this!

On my second attempt, I decided to use a root compound to stimulate growth.
Plant propagation takes patience, and sometimes more than one try at this is necessary.  
This graphic (below) illustrates how my lavender slowly came along, while introducing more sun over 
time, and transplanting when needed to increase the space for root expansion. 

I'm delighted to have more lavender plants, that no doubt, will bloom next season.

Visit this link to learn more. See the image that inspired me:

Learn more about the plight of the bees:

Jennifer S. Holland